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Sipso Germinated Rice Drink Sipso Germinated Rice Drink VanillaSipso Germinated Rice Drink Chocolate

Product Name : Canned Gaba Rice Drink 

Flavour : Natural , Vanilla , and Chocolate
Size : 250 ml
Description : Carefully selected Natural material and bring you to the natural goodness to relax, enjoy and refresh your”
Our Rice Drink is produced from Germinated Rices (Brown Rice, Red Rice and Black Rice), we have selected finest quality for you, and then blends with water only in Natural flavour, and mixed with the flavour in other flavour.

 The Canned GABA Rice Drink is produced by sterilize process, can be kept for 2 years without chilling.

  You can enjoy and get a lot of nutrients with the Rice Drink easily, just shake & open it or chill before drink for good taste.

Benefit :   

                ** Gaba (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid)

                ** Vitamin B1, B2, E

                ** Calcium (Vanilla, Chocolate flavor from added milk)

                ** Low fat

                ** No cholesteral

                ** No preservative

                ** Suitable for vegetarian (Natural Flavor)


Loading Information :


Package Size Dimension Net Weight Gross Weight (1x20 'FT)
12 CANS x 250 ML. 16 x 23 x 13 CM 3.00 KGS 3.30 KGS 6,000 CASES

 Rice Drink Certificate

Suggestion : 2 Bottles per day in the morning and before night time


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